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Posted by Oksana Budnikova on 03 February 2016 08:30 PM

When enabled, the Featured Ads Slider displays Featured Ads in an animated block, allowing users to scroll ads inside.

Featured Ads Slider Settings

The Featured Ads Slider contains 2 functions:

  • show_slider - will display the normal slider with the parameters
  • show_responsive_horizontal_slider - will display responsive slider with its parameters

Website administrator can use the following settings to change the look of a Slider:

  • featured_listings_template - the template that will display the slider (by default it is featured_listings_big.tpl )
  • scrolling_direction — the direction for listing scrolling:
    • right_to_left
    • left_to_right
    • top_down
    • bottom_up
  • number_of_rows - the number of rows that you want to display (works only in non-responsive themes)
  • number_of_cols - the number of columns that you want to display (works only in non-responsive themes)

The responsive Slider parameters:

  • featured_listings_template - the template that will display the slider
  • number_of_listings - number of listings that you want to display in slider (you can leave it empty if you want to display all listings)

The Featured Ads Slider Module

The look of the slider can be easily changed in /modules/listing_feature_featured_slider/apps/FrontEnd/templates/_files and /modules/listing_feature_featured_slider/apps/FrontEnd/templates/_files, including the arrows and the design.css file.

You can find the module at Admin Panel -> System Configuration -> Module Manager among other modules. There you can disable the Featured Ads Slider module if you do not want to use it.

In order to insert the slider to a page (template), please use the code as follows: {module name="listing_feature_featured_slider" function="show_slider" featured_listings_template="featured_listings_big.tpl" scrolling_direction="left_to_right" number_of_rows="1" number_of_cols="4"}

and for responsive slider: {module name="listing_feature_featured_slider" function="show_responsive_horizontal_slider"}

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