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Posted by Emily S on 05 November 2014 10:43 AM
We can generate you the app two ways:
1. the app signed by our key with our icon;
2. the app signed by your key with your icons.

In the second case you need to provide us with your key data (you can learn more about the key at
1. the file of a key
2. key.alias
3. key.password
4. key.alias.password

And the set of icons, located in the folder with the structure:
* drawable-ldpi
* drawable-mdpi
* drawable-hdpi
* drawable-xhdpi

Each of these folders must contain the file icon.png with related sizes:
* ldpi (120 dpi)(Low density screen) - 36 x 36 px
* mdpi (160 dpi)(Medium density screen) - 48 x 48 px
* hdpi (240 dpi)(High density screen) - 72 x 72 px
* xhdpi (320 dpi)(Extra-high density screen) - 96 x 96 px

So, for the second option for app, you need to send me the archive with the above data and structure.

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