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Summary of Upgrade and Update Policy for Worksforweb Classified Scripts
Posted by Emily S on 22 July 2011 10:34 AM
You can get free updates when you have the following prerequisites:

  1. You have a Premium, Enterprise or Elite
  2. You have a Standard and have purchased Access to Upgrades/updates.
  3. You have not made any modifications to the default functionality of your script.

If you have the above, we will provide you with the upgrade patch from the previous version to the current. If you also have support, our engineers will assist you in installing this upgrade patch.

However, if you have modified the database, visual design, or code, the upgrade may affect your modifications. In this case, we can either give you the patch so that you can apply it at your own risk. Alternatively, you can order a customization, where we perform the upgrade ourselves by installing the patch and ensuring it works with your custom code and design for a fee.

There are certain cases (usually following major releases, for example from v.4.x to v.5.x.) when we cannot simply use the patch due to a change in technology or major modifications of the script. In this case, we can assess the possibility of upgrading your website, and provide you a quote for the upgrade OR transfer of your data and/or design and custom functionality. This is a paid service.

In any event, every customer who has access to free lifetime updates/upgrades, can download the latest default version of the software and install it to the licensed location. In this case, the old version of the software will have to be uninstalled first. If required, our support will re-issue the license for the new version free of charge. Installation of the new package is a paid service.

Additional information could be find on our Terms of Sale Page

Below you can find some answers to the most popular questions about upgrade of our classified scripts.


I saw you released a new version of your classifieds software. What does the new version includes which wasn’t in the previous version?

Please read about new features and changes in the relevant changelog entry and on the feature pages.


Does the upgrade happen automatically?

The upgrade does not happen automatically and there are no built-in scripts that would do the upgrade. This is because the script is not encoded and files and templates can be modified for your needs. An automatic replacement of old files with newer versions would destroy any changes and customizations you may have made.

Please read the Summary of Update and Upgrade Policy for a detailed description of how to upgrade.


Is it free for me?

The free upgrades are available only for the default packages of Standard Edition. For Standard edition copies with active support, our support will perform the upgrades free of charge.

For Special or Hosted Edition customers, you can purchase access to updates/upgrades.


I had customization projects (one or more) on my website. Why support can’t do the update work for me?

As your copy of the script was modified as a result of customization project(s), it is no longer a default package.

Our Support does not perform upgrades of customized software due to risks of destroying some or all of the customizations during the upgrade process.

Instead, the upgrade of a customized version of the script is a customization project by itself.

For additional information, please refer to the following parts of the articles:

  1. Support Service the paragraph called "What tech support includes "
  2. Terms of Customization Service the paragraph 'Support and Updates', para 10.2.

Why do you say that upgrade is the customization project?

If you have done any customizations on your website (that includes changes to the look and feel of your website), we consider this upgrade as the customization project to avoid any risks of destroying some or all of your customizations.

Please read other articles in the upgrade/update section to gain better understanding of the process.

When is the best time to upgrade our site since we already have a pending job in customization. Before or after?  And how much will it cost us?

It is actually easier and much cheaper to upgrade the software with as little customization as possible, preferably before the customization.

However, if you received a quote for the previous version, then upgraded to a newer version, the existing quote for the project will have to be re-assessed. There may be some changes introduced by the upgrade that may affect the time of implementing the customization (sometimes positively affect by reducing time required) on the newer version..

I have your classified software v.4.x and I would like to upgrade to v.5.x.

Unfortunately, the upgrade to v.5 cannot be performed via upgrade patches as the architecture of v 5.x has been dramatically changed compared to v.4.x in almost all aspects, including the database, templates, and functionality.

Instead, we may offer you the following custom upgrade option:

  1. Take the v.5.x default  package
  2. Move all your listings and users from v.4.x to v.5.x
  3. Perform a new template customization
  4. Perform any other template/functional modifications either that were implemented for your v.4.x or any new changes that you may want to order.

What will be the upgrade costs in this case?

As with all other custom projects, we will have to make an assessment of the work involved, and will provide you with a quote. However, if you are looking for an upgrade of a customized project, we’ll have to re-create all customizations anew.

I still don't understand that if I have already paid for the Standard edition or for Access to Software Updates for Special Edition for One calendar year why is more money required from my side to receive free updates which ones of the main reasons I signed up for this package????

You are eligible for downloading the latest copy of the product free of charge if you are eligible for the upgrades. In these cases, you are also eligible for receiving free update patch for the default version of your product.

You can install the new version or the update yourself, but we are not responsible for any custom code that gets damaged as a result of this operation.

To avoid any loss of custom functionality/templates, you should order a paid custom upgrade.

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